parsnipsNative to Europe and Western Asia, parsnips have been cultivated to look like a large cream-colored carrot.  The root will be much larger than parsley root and come without tops.

Parsnip Usage Notes

Parsnips have a core that can be seen easily once cut in half.  If the core is woody, it needs to be removed.  Use the tip of your knife to see if the core is tough and stringy.  The root needs to be peeled before using and cut in to even size piece so the root cooks evenly.  Although tough-looking, the root will cook fast, so keep an eye on it so it doe not become mushy.  Parsnips take well to boiling, baking, roasting, or mashing.  Their mildy-sweet but assertive flavor goes well with butter, curry, maple syrup, mustard, parsley, chives, onions, apples, potatoes and other root veggies.

Parsnip Recipes

Pureed Parsnips