Yellow Dock

yellow dockYellow dock is part of a large group of plants that belong to the genus Rumex, native to Europe and Western Asia. Inedible varieties were used medicinally and several types of dock were traditionally used to wrap butter and help preserve it. Fortunately, many varieties are edible and can be treated like spinach. Yellow dock has a bright lemon flavor that adds a nice tang to fresh salads. It also makes an excellent stuffing for whole roasted fish and pairs well with potatoes and eggs. Dock can be treated like spinach when cooking, just don’t cook it too long or it will turn mushy. If cooking with other greens add towards the end.

Yellow Dock Storage

Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator; excess condensation will cause leaves to disintegrate so they are best used within a few days.

Yellow Dock Usage

Leaves can be added raw to salads for brightness, or can be  mixed with greens for cooking.

Recipes for Yellow Dock

Spring Green Phyllo Rolls with Yogurt and Feta Dressing