spinachNative to Persia, spinach has been under cultivation since the 4th century. Inedible wild relations can still be found in the region, but fortunately cultivation has created varieties that grow in many climates.  This versatile leafy green made its way through China, India, and finally Europe, which makes this green usable in a variety of cuisines.   Spinach takes well to being cooked or used fresh, just make sure to remove any large stems.

Spinach Storage

Spinach leaves store best if they are in a dry plastic bag in your refrigerator.  Excess moisture can make spinach leaves break down more quickly.  Well-kept greens should keep for 7 to 10 days.

Spinach Usage

The stem in spinach retains lots of water, so make sure to remove it before cooking so you don’t end up with soggy spinach.  After cooking, take time to drain excess liquid before adding to a dish.

Spinach Recipes

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