thymeAnother member of the mint family, thyme is the herb of French cuisine. This highly aromatic herb is integral to many soups, sauces, stocks, and the traditional bouquet garni. To remove the fresh leaves from the stem, gently run your fingertips down, towards the thicker part of the stem.

Thyme Storage

Visit this page for herb storage and drying instructions.

Thyme Usage

Whole stems can be added to soups or sauces and removed before serving. Thyme goes well with grilled meats, Mediterranean dishes, soups, and roasted vegetables.

Recipes for Thyme

Bean Salad with Creamy Herb and Shallot Dressing

Braised Red Potatoes with Lemon and Herbs

French Garlic Soup

French Onion Soup

Fresh Herb Butter

Fresh Herb Rub

Red Bean Gumbo with Greens

Roasted Garlic and Squash Soup

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