meatIn addition to fresh vegetables and herbs, Yourganic Farm sells natural sustainably-raised pork, beef, and lamb for individual consumer or restaurant use.


We offer pastured pork, fed with organic and transitional organic grains, supplemented with organic hay and vegetables.

Pork Cuts Available

quarter hog – approximately 40-50 lbs. hanging weight (or 1.5 paper grocery sacks)

half hog – approximately 80-100 lbs. hanging weight (or 3 paper grocery sacks)

whole hog – approximately 160-200 lbs. hanging weight (or 6 paper grocery sacks)


Our beef is grass-fed. All meat is aged for 18-20 days before sale (to sweeten flavor).

Beef Cuts Available

quarter beef – approximately 112-170 lbs. hanging weight (or four paper grocery sacks)

half beef – approximately 225-335 lbs. hanging weight (or eight paper grocery sacks)

whole beef – approximately 450-670 lbs. hanging weight (or 16 paper grocery sacks)


Our lamb is pastured and grass-fed.

Lamb Cuts Available

whole lamb – approximately 30-50 lbs. hanging weight (or 1-2 paper grocery sacks)

Meat Prices

Contact us for prices and availability

*Our meat is processed by local butchers and processing and kill fees are paid directly to the butcher. Contact us for details on approximate costs for processing.