Garden/Farm Consultation

Need some help coming up with inventive, yet practical solutions for your garden, farm or pasture?

Leon is dedicated to regenerative farming practices, which means building healthy soils to promote moisture retention, and create greater biodiversity. He also will encourage you to think differently about weeds. In the long haul he wants to save you time, money and labor while increasing your yields with ecologically responsible methods.

Some of the topics he can address: soil structure, soil fertility, composting, use of redworms, irrigation solutions, pest management, pasture viability, season extenders, livestock, fencing, growing vegetables, berries and medicinal herbs.

Here’s how it works:

Schedule an onsite visit. This will be an opportunity to discuss goals, and ask questions, as well as show the unique qualities of your groundwork. Leon will be able to assess the positive attributes as well as determine how to make improvements. Onsite visits generally take an hour. First time consultation is $150.

The initial visit may be all the direction you need to accomplish your goals. However, if more questions arise Leon can usually assist through a phone consultation. Phone consultations are $75/hour.

Leon grew up in northwest Iowa and actively participated on a large farm; helping to raise hogs, cattle, chickens, as well as grow commodity crops. In that time he learned to fix just about anything with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, weld, operate machinery and problem solve. Since living in Montana he has been a forest service firefighter, fly fishing guide, landscaping crew manager, computer systems operator, horse ranch manager, and farm manager at a seed company. He started his own farming business in 2005. He has over 45 years of experience growing produce and raising livestock. Since 2016 he has been teaching classes on how to grow a successful garden in the Bitterroot Valley. Leon has been encouraged to use his skills to help others find successful and practical ways to grow food and manage lands. He emphasizes sustainable methods to build soil, retain moisture and optimize production.