How Does it Work?

Veggie Feast (CSA) is an 18 week program that takes care of your vegetable (and some fruit)  cravings!  It’s the best deal in town.  We have three sizes to fit your appetite; the large satisfies 2-6 people, small for 1-2 people, and the newly added mini for 1.  We harvest the vegetables within 24 hours of your pick up day to ensure that you receive the freshest, highest-quality produce available. Produce boxes are stored in the walk-in-cooler and filled with clean, packaged, seasonal, crisp, ready- to- eat veggies each week.  Pick-up days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, choose one of these days to collect your vegetable box throughout the season.  If you cannot pick up your box on the appointed day, send a friend!