Time to Reserve your CSA Veggies!!!

CSA’s or community supported agriculture is a way for farmers to plan what they grow, procure much needed spring income, and focus more time on growing food instead of marketing food. CSA’s benefit consumers by providing fresh, high quality produce. Fresh food tastes better and has more nutrients. We harvest most produce less than 24 hours before it leaves our farm.

At Yourganic Farm we are totally committed about the health of our soil, adding yearly compost, trace minerals and mycorrhizal fungi. We practice minimal tillage and mulch our crops to cool the soil, retain moisture. All of these methods promote soil structure. We don’t use chemicals or GMO’s.

Check out our list of produce. We sell three sizes of CSA veggie bags; a Large feeds 4, a Medium feeds 2 and a Small feeds 1. You can check out past blogs, most have a photo for the week featuring a Medium sized CSA. Sign up here, or contact Leon if you have more questions.