August 5, 2020 Veggie Feast

Notes From The Farm

Leon has been busy weed eating and irrigating during the heat wave.

This Week’s Veggie Feast

Romanesco, Beets, Ailsa Craig Sweet Onion, Summer Squash, Potatoes, Parsley, Fennel

New This Week


Romanesco is in the brassica family along with cauliflower and broccoli.  The unique chartreuse color and fractal pattern make it one of the more unusual and beautiful vegetables to behold.  Romanesco is mild flavored and crunchy.  It can be eaten raw, but also steamed, roasted or baked.


Young beets are tender, and full of flavor.  Surprisingly (or not) the greens have more nutrients than the roots and taste much like Swiss Chard.  They cook up like spinach, but can also be eaten raw and added to a salad.

Sweet Onions

In our trails Ailsa Craig onions beat the traditional Walla Walla onion.  They are equally sweet,  and uniform in size, but somehow store longer.  These onions are sweet and mild and a great addition to a summer meal.  They can be left out on the counter, or in the fridge.

Yellow zucchini

Yellow summer squash is a little splash of sunshine.  Use as you would zucchini.