Veggie Feast (CSA) August 28, 2019

Notes from the Farm

We planted the last of the lettuce, Napa cabbage, pak choi and fennel seedlings on Sunday.  We also seeded a few more radishes and spinach for the fall season.  Now we wait and see what the weather does.  Planting the last of the veggies is always bittersweet.  It means summer is coming to an end, but it is also one less thing to keep track of!  We are consumed with harvest, this is the most abundant time of year for the farm.

The sow Lashes had piglets a few weeks ago and they are starting to run around.  They live north of our driveway, so please be careful when you drive in.

This Week’s Veggie Feast


August 28, 2019 Veggie Feast

Sweet Corn, Rainbow Carrots, Tomato Mix, Salad Mix, Yellow Beans, Cucumber, Swiss Chard/Kale Bundle

New This Week

Sweet corn

Good news:  the red-winged blackbirds have not found the corn yet!  In your share this week is Trinity sweet corn.  It is a bi-colored, early season, flavorful variety. Due to the cool weather the ears are shorter and smaller, but the taste is superb.

Rainbow carrots

Each year we try some new varieties.  This year I wanted to grow Rainbow Carrots.  When Leon brought them to the washing station someone dubbed them anemic carrots because of their pale color.  We were a little disappointed that there were no purples or reds.  They germinated well, and are sizable but I would not have named them Rainbow.  Maybe Yellow Wave or something less deceiving.  We all agree that they taste fine, but not as good as the other varieties we grow.  Rainbow also led us into a brief discussion about the history of carrot pigmentation.  The World Carrot Museum goes into detail about this and probably everything else you want to know about a carrot.

Cherry tomatoes

We also planted some new varieties of tomatoes this year.  Unfortunately, the soil where we planted them is too rich with compost.  This means the stems and the leaves grow crazy wild, while the fruits are actually smaller and oddly enough, pointed.  It hasn’t seemed to affect the flavor and we pleased with the new varieties in that regard.  In your share you will get a mix of some early slicers and cherry tomatoes.