Time to Sign up for Yourganic Farm’s Veggie Feast (CSA)

Every summer we grow an abundance of clean food to feed our community.  As our knowledge base around food and healthy soils continues to expand we are focusing even more on nutrition.  In a world of conflicting nutritional opinions the one (mostly) agreed upon thought is vegetables are an important part of the diet.  The call to “eat your vegetables”  feels delightful for some and obligatory for others.  Loving veggies can depend on culture, habit, and taste buds, but much of it also depends on the quality of food.

Most of the winter we rely on produce we have grown and stored, but come late February I am longing to eat something fresh and green, so to the grocery store I go.  I often find small, wilting bunches of kale, parsley and chard,  and lettuce that is a bit on the squishy side.  I buy some greens and make a salad.  If I put enough sunflower seeds, olives and salad dressing on it is edible, but it lacks the freshness and vibrancy that my body is craving.  Worn out produce not only lacks taste, but has a diminished nutrient value. Freshness counts!

It is important on many levels to be involved in your local food system: the food tastes better, the produce lasts longer in your refrigerator, it’s a lower carbon footprint……. the list could go on!  We are offering 3 different sized veggie boxes: the mini, small, and large. The season starts May 29.  Click here to see details of how it works.  Click here to get an idea of produce by season.  Click here to sign up.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We hope you have a beautiful spring!

Leon and Pam

Yourganic Farm