Yourganic Fall Vegetables for Sale!

Vegetables for Your Culinary Delight:

Sweet onions

Sweet Wallas, although not a storage onion, they do last pretty well through November.  Lighter and sweeter flavor than the other onions.  We are selling them by the pound at $0.50/lb.

Red onions

Red onions, store well into the spring.  Add a bit of color to your meals! $1/lb

Yellow storage onions

Every good dish begins with an onion.  Yellow storage onions $1/lb

Spaghetti squash

Spaghetti sauce holders for those avoiding gluten.  Order by how many you would like, we charge $1/lb.

Carnival Squash

Carnival squash, a delicata type, has light colored flesh and a riot of color on the outside.  Use as decoration and then eat.  Carnivals can be baked or steamed.  Great autumn treat, pairs well with Halloween candy.  How many would you like? $1/lb


$2/bunch.  Potato leek soup anyone?

We also have limited (very!) amounts of garlic, carrots, and Brussels sprouts.  Please inquire if interested. To place an order talk to Leon at 961-5452, or email

Thanks a bunch,

Leon and Pam