Veggie Feast September 12, 2018

Notes From The Farm

One of the best things about living on the farm is observing the wildlife that often visits.  Due to the abundant sources of food: grain, hay, fruits, vegetables, and open space we get our share of visitors.  The sparrows have been flocking, the young ones still not quite as fast and sure of themselves as the adults.  Every time I drive down the driveway I play “dodge the sparrow.”  The families of quail are out foraging in the corn patch as are the pheasants.  Our resident skunk occasionally makes an appearance, or leaves his/her scent lingering on our cat.

We spied a baby deer about 6 weeks ago, tucked near the south fence in the pasture.  We assumed its mom was out foraging in a more secluded area and would eventually led it toward the river.  So far that hasn’t happened and the fawn is calling the pasture home.  I know, we are all sad because we grew up watching Bambi, well this is the farm version.  Instead of Bambi making friends with all the forest animals the fawn has become a member of a cow herd.   We see them out grazing together, a tiny fawn and three hulking mama cows.  Yesterday I watched as Honeysuckle, the young calf who has been in a separate pasture with her mom, tentatively approach the spotted fawn.  She reached her neck way out, sniffing, trying to determine friend or foe.  I was driving away to a scheduled meeting so I could not watch the entire interaction, but they seemed pretty interested in finding someone closer to their own size.  Who knows, maybe we will name the skunk Flower afterall.

This Week’s Veggie Feast

A fun assortment of veggies and fruits.

Veggie Feast September 12

In addition to carrots (new variety), yellow crookneck squash, sweet white onions, Swiss chard and lemon basil we have….

New This Week


Our friend Mary has the most beautiful, abundant pear tree.  Every year she plays the Pear Fairy harvesting the bounty and delivering pears to friends.  This year we thought it would be nice to help her out.  Leon, Mary and I spent a couple of hours gathering pears and thinking of every word that has a pear sound in it.  It became quite apparent that I was no match for the pair of punsters, but it does rub off.  These are grown to organic standard and simply divine.  Thanks to Mary and The Great Pear Tree!  Enjoy.

Harlan apples

After we got done picking pears we drove off into the sunset. Actually no, we drove off to Laura Mae’s to pick Harlan apples.  The apple tree is in a corner of her garden and seems to produce every year.  These little golden apples are early, bruise easily, and taste delicious.  They are not for storing, but will last a bit longer in the fridge.

Sunshine Kabocha

Sunshine is the epitome of a beautiful winter squash.  Dazzlingly bright orange on the outside and in.  This squash is one of our favorite, great flavor.  They store pretty well, so if you are resisting autumn foods these squash will make it to Thanksgiving or longer.

Jimmy Nardello’s

Nardellos are a sweet, thin-skinned pepper.  They do not have the great juicy crunch of a bell, but they are considerably more flavorful.  Eat raw or lightly saute.


We hope you are enjoying your vegetable share.