Grow Your Best Garden Ever

Does your garden need a boost?

At Yourganic Farm we feel it is essential to build soil.  This means adding nutrients to increase your soil’s sustainability and productivity.  Soil science is becoming a hotter and hotter topic for farmers and gardeners.  The bottom line is healthy soil produces beautiful plants and nutritious vegetables.    All compost is made on our farm from organic straw and manure from our cows and hogs.  Give your garden the enrichment it needs!


$40 for one bobcat bucket-load

$10 for 5 gallons


Worm Castings:

The ultimate soil enhancer!

Bulk unscreened castings $1.00/lb

Bulk screened castings $3.00/lb

Worm Pooze:

Screened worm castings, trace minerals and humates in a convenient package!  Use on houseplants and cherished garden plants.  Complete directions to make a worm casting tea.  Makes a great gift for gardeners!

Red Worms:

Start your own worm farm!  These guys love to work for your soil!

$10/gallon of unscreened worms, worm eggs and castings.