Learn How to Make your Own Sausage!

3 Spots Left!

Many of you have had the opportunity to sample Leon’s homemade German-style dry sausage, also known as “man candy.”  This family recipe has been passed down through the generations and hails from northern Germany.  This sausage is cold smoked for six to eight weeks resulting in a perfectly cured meat that needs no refrigeration, thus making it great for hiking, or camping.  It is highly popular with 6-12 year old kids who consume astonishing quantities in short periods of time.  It’s also popular with adults who scheme how to hide it from their spouses (it’s true).  Scheme no more!  Leon is sharing this recipe and others in his meat curing class.  You’ll learn how to smoke fish and cheese, cure hams, bacon, and other meats without the use of nitrates.

When: Saturday, January 27, 12-3 p.m.

Where:  Yourganic Farm, in the shop.  The shop does have a wood-stove, but it is not insulated.  Wear warm clothes.

Cost: $50 per class

Email Yourganicfarmmt@yahoo.com Space is limited.