Veggie Feast September 13, 2017

Notes from the Farm

Apple Picking at LMJ’s

This week we continued to concentrate on harvesting.  Carrots, apples, winter squash, onions…. On Sunday we went to a friend’s place and picked some apples.  She has a Harlan apple tree and some Macs scattered around the beautiful property.

The lone sheep continues to live on the driveway, occasionally retreating to the back of the flatbed trailer if she needs a better view.  The rest of the sheep are back from their summer pasture, grazing the perimeter and a small field of pasture near the cows.  The calves Mahogany and Colette, took a little road trip by themselves down Popham Monday evening, much to the displeasure of their mothers who stood at the fence line bellowing.  I am sure they got a bit of a scolding and a nice bath upon their returns.  From my perspective those little calves seemed pretty pleased with themselves as they stampeded down the driveway.

Various pigs have been slipping out of their pens.  Right now the red wattle is having a good time wandering the farm.  Don’t leave your car door open.

Harlan Apples


This Week’s Veggie Feast

September 13 Veggie Feast

New This Week

Green Zebra

They are ripe when yellow, and striped like a psychedelic zebra

Apple assortment

Yummy apples from LMJ’s place, au natural.


Another green pepper for you plate.


Remember that frost in June?  These plants got nipped and grew back, producing small, but acceptable jalapenos.  Not a lot of heat.

Spaghetti Squash

For all you gluten-free folks out there the spaghetti squash has arrived.  Bake it whole in the oven like a potato.  When it is done it will be easy to slice in half and remove the seeds, let it cool for a while before you do, HOT!  Top with a delicious marinara sauce, pesto, or other divine creation.