Plant Starts for Sale

We have vegetable and herb starts for sale!  We prefer not to cram them into the Subaru for market, as transportation can be hard on the plants (and us).  All starts are grown in our own potting mix consisting of compost, worm castings, trace minerals, Montana peat and perlite.  No chemicals!  All starts are $2/pot, a screaming deal for organically grown plants.  Please contact us with your order!


Green Zebra:  One of my favorites, starts out green with darker green stripes and ripening into a yellow/apricot color.  Indeterminate (which means it keeps on growing), juicy and flavorful.  Ripens at 77 days.

Cosmonaut:  Medium sized red slicer 8-12 oz fruits.  This variety hails from the Ukraine.  Indeterminate, tastes pretty darn good.  Ripens at 65 days.

Silvery Fir Tree:  2-3 inch sized red fruits.  An abundant heirloom that takes a beating (or neglect) and still produces.  Did well last summer even though it was cool.  Pretty foliage, determinate and compact plant.  Early producer at 58 days.

Sun Gold:  Everyone’s favorite cherry tomato.  Little orbs of golden sunlight that taste so sweet you can get a sugar high if that’s what you’re going for.  Indeterminate plants, very prolific, fruits from mid July to frost.


Verde Puebla:  Salsa verde anyone?  These plants could be weeds if we didn’t have long winters.  Prolific, easy to grow heirloom with husked fruits.  Green to start and goldish when ripe.


Red Cayenne:  From our own seed source, open-pollinated so you too can save your own seed.  Highly bountiful production.  Very easy to grow.  Green to start and ripening into a beautiful red.  Also ripens off the vine if we get an early frost.  They dry beautifully.  Ripens at 75 days.

Early Jalapeno:  Also a prolific producer.  Open pollinated.  Makes great pickled peppers!  Ripens at 75 days.

Bulgarian Carrot Chile:  HOT!!  Little peppers on a compact plant that turn carrot orange when ripe, very pretty.  On the Scoville scale it rates between 5,000 – 30,000 heat units.  According to the Fedco seed catalogue this heirloom was smuggled through the Iron Curtain more than 30 years ago, which makes me like it all the better.

Anaheim:  This pepper is also called Chile Verde and California Chile.  Used for chile rellenos.  Can be pungent to those of us who grew up on mashed potatoes and bananas.  Ripe at 78 days.

King of the North Bell Pepper:  Consistent, open-pollinated, blocky bell pepper.  Ripens even here in Land of the Yeti.  Great choice for a bell pepper.


Parsley:  High in vitamins A, C, K.  A good dose of iron, calcium, magnesium.  It can be harvested throughout the summer and is fairly frost hardy.  It makes a great addition to salads and pesto.

Italian Large Leaf Basil:  Yummy, traditional basil.

Climbing Nasturtiums:  Beautiful yellow, gold and possibly red flowers on a vine-like plant that will keep on growing!  All parts are edible and have a unique spicy tang.  Flowers jazz up a salad.  The seed pods can be pickled as poor man’s capers.



Red Russian Kale:  A hardy heirloom hailing from Siberia.  Pretty green foliage with dark purple veining.  Keeps on growing, leaf after leaf.

Bright Lights Swiss Chard:  Stems are a variety of colors, ranging from white, yellow, pink, red, and orange.  Another great plant to have in your garden as you can harvest it all summer.


Marketmore slicers:  Old school slicers that your grandma probably planted.   Uniform dark green fruits 8- 8 1/2 inches long.  Dependable.  63 days.


Raven:  The skin is a deep dark green, which has more antioxidants than your lighter skinned zucchinis.  48 days.

Winter Squash

Buttercup:  Open pollinated, uniform fruits.  Dark green skin, deep orange flesh.  Tastes sweet and rich.  Harvest in the fall.