CSA June 29, 2016

Notes from the Farm

Manic weeding.  Chasing Spiffy around the neighborhood.  Keeping everything watered.  Hello heat.



Spiffy is a 6 month old bottle calf, meaning his mother decided nursing a calf wasn’t really her thing.  Spiffy’s first few months of nutrition came from a bottle with fresh milk from one of our other cows.  He usually can be found hanging out with his best pal Sparky, another bottle calf of the same age.  These two escapees are often wandering about the farm selecting choice greens among the trees and often our front yard.  They love dandelion flowers!  They manage to sneak out of their pasture weekly, and since they usually cause little trouble we tend to let them amble about.  Occasionally Spiffy and Sparky take a trot around the neighborhood.

This Week’s CSA

Swiss chard, lots of lettuce mix with nasturtium blossoms, broccoli, strawberries, garlic scapes, mustard greens.



Marjoram is an unimpressive looking herb that can wilt within minutes of picking it.   So it’s the sad little bundle probably hiding at the bottom of the box.  Fortunately its’ flavor holds up.  Marjoram is part of the mint family, which gives it a slightly minty flavor. Others compare the herb to oregano but it is sweeter and lacks the resinous flavor of oregano.  You can use it now, or dry it for later.


Bunching onions

Bunching onions also known as green onions are easy to use and don’t make one cry when chopping through them.  I actually ate a few raw yesterday for a field snack.  You can use the whole plant, except for the roots.  They are sweet, saute them or use raw on salads.