CSA August 5, 2015

Notes from the Farm

The past week was a blur.  It seems we spent half of our time harvesting for CSA and market.  Picking beans and strawberries can take a long time.  We were also occupied with chick hatching, but this was strictly observational.  We were like fathers from the 1950’s in the maternity ward waiting room, absolutely useless but concerned nonetheless.  The General, remember the General?  is now a father, and a new generation of feather foots are on the loose.

This Week’s CSA

This is the time of year when our farm is super abundant!  The boxes will be a little heavier today.

What’s new this week:

Cauliflower:  You’ll get either Snow Crown which is white or Cheddar, an orange variety.  Some people say they can taste the difference between the two, but I guess I am not that sophisticated.  Cauliflower goes great in soups, and curries.  You can also roast it, bake it or grill it.  One of our favorites is pickled cauliflower, see Middle Eastern Style Garden Pickles.

Poblano Pepper:  Also called an ancho or chile ancho, it originates from the state of Puebla, Mexico.  The heat intensity varies in peppers depending on growing conditions and ripeness.  These probably are not spicy since it is only the beginning of August.  The best way to prepare a Poblano is to roast it in the oven and then peel off the waxy skin.  It can then be frozen in an airtight container or used immediately.

Dragon Tongue Beans:    These are flat, yellow beans with purple spots, a Dutch heirloom.  The purple fades when cooked.  I know, so sad.  They can be eaten fresh or cooked, shell and all.  Our favorite bean thus far.

Green Beans:  How many of you grew up eating Green Bean Casserole?  If you still crave mid-western cuisine here’s a prime ingredient.

Yellow Beans:  Large shares only.  A little bit more delicate than the green beans or Dragon Tongue beans, so they take less time to cook.  These are also an heirloom variety.

Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash:  Large shares only.  These are fragile little squashes that beg to be eaten within a few days.  They are very versatile and mild flavored.  My favorite way to eat crookneck is to stir fry them with a bunch of onions and whatever fresh herb is on hand.

Sungold Tomatoes:  Seriously, a little bit of heaven.  These super-sweet, zesty, orange bursts of delight are sooooo good, if you like tomatoes.  No recipe needed since they won’t even make it to the table.  You’ll also get a few other kinds of tomatoes, possibilities include Ida Golds (small orange tomato with mild flavor), Cosmonauts (red slicer), Green Zebras (striped green and yellow).

Tomatilloes:  Another native of Mexico, the tomatillo is a wonderful addition to salsa.  The fruit is covered in a papery husk which needs to be removed, the tomatillo then needs to be washed as they are quite sticky.

Other items:

Sweet onions, zucchini, broccoli, caribe potatoes, cucumber, lettuce, strawberries and epazote.  Enjoy the bounty!