Plant Starts for Sale

For those of you gardening this year we have some great starts going in our greenhouses.  We grow varieties that have been consistently abundant and acclimatized to our short growing season in the Rocky Mountains.

Tomatoes:  Cosmonaut, red slicer; Bellstar, paste tomato good for saucing; Sweetie, very prolific red cherry; Ida Gold, earliest open pollinated tomato we’ve found, small gold fruits.

Peppers:  Bulgarian Carrot Chile, very hot;  Boldog Paprika, mild, good for drying; Jalapeno, mildly to moderately hot; Jimmy’s Nardello, tasty prolific sweet pepper.

Herbs:  Thyme, Parsley, Oregano, Lemon Balm, Anise Hyssop, and Basil.

We also have tomatilloes, Swiss chard and two varieties of kale.

Call us or stop by our booth at Hamilton Farmer’s Market if you are interested.