CSA June 11, 2014 addendum

This is a quick note from Renee, the website designer and newsletter editor for Yourganic Farm. I tried something new with this week’s newsletter and included photos of each item that you will receive in your share. Everything looks great on the website (click here), but the formatting in the newsletter got screwed up somehow. My apologies.

If you’d like to see photos of the items you will be receiving in your CSA box this week, please click here to view them on the web site.

In future weeks, I’ll leave the photos of the produce out of the newsletter that you will receive in your email, but will include them on the website. To view the newsletter on the website, just go to yourganicfarm.com, and select the appropriate date from the drop down menu under “Newsletter” in the right hand column.

And while you’re there, take a little look around at all of the great information about the food that we grow at Yourganic Farm and the recipes that you can make with it!